Hobby to Passion

Meet LSB

Image by Ethan Robertson

Lily's Secret Boutique started 3 years ago with a random video found on Facebook. Let me elaborate here. While I was laying in bed playing on my phone before bed, as many of us do, I came across a video. The video was a quick little DIY tutorial on making your own lip balm / lip stick combination for tinted lip balm. I was unaware at the time that you could make your own lip balm and so I became intrigued. The next morning I started researching lip balm recipes, cost of supplies, etc. I started testing recipes and finally found a recipe I loved. I started to make some and give it to family and friends. Many of my family and friends told me that I should start selling them as they were really good and they loved the product. So I opened up a little Etsy shop and started selling my lip balm. Everything sort of blossomed from there and Lily's Secret Boutique was born. 

We take pride in all of our products and the fact that we don't use any chemicals, preservatives, or harsh ingredients in our products. We love creating products that people can feel good about using.  Our business has a main focus on natural, reusable, and decreasing waste.  

We are now approaching our 4th year in business and we're excited for how far we have come from starting our little shop. Our product line has expanded drastically and includes many unique products. We are always working on creating new things and love having the freedom to do so. One thing is for sure, you never know what you will find at Lily's Secret Boutique.